In House Physical Therapy Clinic

The Orthopedic Institute of Michigan is a comprehensive facility providing both operative and conservative management of musculoskeletal conditions and injures. Physical Therapy is an integrated aspect of conservative management and post surgical care.

Physical Therapy is offered in the same suite for patient convenience. The communication between the orthopedic surgeon and physical therapist is excellent. This is enhanced by the therapist having access to digital radiographs and surgical notes. The regular updates between the doctor and the therapist means the treatment is progressed as needed and is more specific to the individual’s complaint than in other environments.

The therapists employ many techniques to increase range of motion and strength in addition to controlling pain and swelling. There is an emphasis on hands-on treatment, allowing the therapist to feel and assess more accurately the specific patient needs. Restoration of normal joint arthrokinemechanics is a priority.

The treatment is made more effective with patient instruction and a home exercise program.

The physical therapy department is staffed by:

Physical Therapist (PT)
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Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA)
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Certified Athletic Trainers (CAT)
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